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With 20 years of experience, having as one of the specialties of the Integrated Service Hanging clothing, and working closely with international groups Distribution & Logistics, many customers have recognized the advantage of relying their goods to our group, as have sufficient resources to be stored , Handling and transport.
From SERVICES FOR GLOBAL LOGISTICS, is integrating and supporting the growth of business customers, taking into account what is "in delivery times," and how they can affect them, that the group CRESPO TIR create technical solutions to practical problems.
  • National transport in their own cars to clothes to hang.
  • General Cargo and storage of the hanging clothes.
  • Collection and delivery of goods, door to door.
  • Pick and Pack, (reception, conference, separation, labeling, packaging and control orders)
  • Loading and delivery door to door (distribution) in continental Portugal and Islands.
  • Discharge, control the quantity and notice of arrival by computer.
  • Stocks management.
What we offer:
  • Insurance for the value of the goods in n / warehouse (theft, fire and water damage).
  • Insurance for the value of the goods during transport on national cars themselves.
  • Distribution in 6-12, 24 and 48 hours, only in their own cars.
  • Distribution "JUST-IN - TIME", including at night and weekends.
  • Distribution of chemicals (ADR).
  • Courier service.
  • Security system 24H, inside and outside the n / facilities. (Video and Alarm)
  • Capacity of storage: 2 000 m2-Ability to pieces hanging: 100,000
Through EXPRESS SERVICES goods are delivered on the same day, all the trucks and vans equipped with mobile communication systems. The position of deliveries is continuously available to customers.