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Covering all 5 continents, either by road, air or sea, take the goods to major business centers.

An expert team responsible, with long experience, ready for a custom service, provide all requested information and inform about the best legal means to the satisfaction of any requirements, with the best economy and speed in solving the problems.
Today, the European Community may be seen as a huge border, but the group has CRESPO TIR employees specializing in all areas of business, which allows a direct link between suppliers and customers throughout the mundo.Qualquer license or official authorization, is addressed to ensure the clearance of goods. Legal procedures in place of Import and Export of various EFTA countries are fully aware of the group CRESPO IRR.
What we offer:

  • CMR insurance in international transport.
  • Insurance for the value of the goods in our warehouse (theft, fire and water damage).
  • Orders customs - 2 Official Passports.
  • Tax representation, Customs Office, and Intrastat.