"Crespotir" is a family group of companies that started, about 40 years ago, with the Official Custom Broker activity.

Later, also began the activities of Carrier and road freight.

During these almost 30 years of existence as carriers, had a strong connection to the textile industry of manufacturers of clothing, carrying raw materials from Europe to Portugal and later the clothing to Europe.

There are about 12 years, started a new business with the airlines. The transportation of air cargo in trucks with rolls as the aircrafts.

With these special trucks, we solve a serious problem that the airlines and exporters had. The goods went fractioned on passenger planes to central hubs in Europe, and there were made pallets and then loaded in intercontinental flights. In addition to minimize operating costs and the time of loading and unloading, we have ensured that the supplies were timely.

These trucks allow the cargo pallets go back in air, ready to enter the aircraft that lead to the airport of destination.

The loading and unloading takes 10 minutes and the movement is made with two drivers, with transit of 22 hours of Oporto to Paris, enabling thus a proper scheduling of shipments and arrivals of goods to their destinations.

Enter the airport from Paris (CDG) around 35,000 trucks annually. Their loading and / or discharge are scheduled to minutes. Any delay causes the need for new programming, and the resulting loss of flights.

Our coefficient of efficiency is 96%, assigned by "Air France / KLM."
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